In high school, Leonard was a jack of all trades. He was a jock on the varsity baseball team, a band geek who played a mean saxophone, and a photographer for The Bulldog. Leonard continues to live a full life today.

Leonard has been married for 17 and has two kids, a girl (10) and boy (13). They’ve been in Mililani since 1995 and presently reside in Mililani Mauka.

Len worked his way up from an employee at Holiday Mart, to teaching, and to his present career as a loan manager with Central Pacific Home Loans.

He continues to enjoy all sports and still plays baseball and tennis on a regular basis. He also loves playing cards and since the boom in Texas Hold ’em, he’s been active in tournament play. He’s also a proud dad and manager of his son’s youth baseball team. Life has been good to Leonard for he’s been blessed with an awesome family and rewarding career in mortgage banking.

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