Rest in Paradise

For some Bulldogs, life ended all too soon. We thank them for the memories they gave us, bid them a fond farewell and wish them peace.

Those who live in the hearts of others never die.

If you know of any classmates who have passed on, please send an email to

In remembrance of classmates:
C.J. Baker
Abraham Balogbog
Wesley Canio
Nathan Castro
Roy Justiliano
Matthew Kamaunu
Edward Kauo III
Michael Kinzie
Coreen (Kaupiko) Lai
Taaloga Lauofo
Dean Morimoto
Grant Nagano
Robert Nahinu
Craig Narusaki
Mary Louise Pizarro
Etuati Silipa
Rodney Sonoda
Karl Takayanagi
Joyce (Satogata) Tanaka
Karen Tanaka-Eckhardt
Joanne (Marumo) Wong
Wendy (Omonaka) Uemura
John Yonaha

4 Responses to “Rest in Paradise”

  1. Pamela says:

    I recall Joanne always with a big smile, big glasses. Her personality shined, and she was genuinely concerned about Reunion issues. She helped with the very first get together, 1993 at Mo’ili’ili field. Although she transfered to McKinley our Senior year, she was truly a “bulldog” and would recall memories with a smile. I’d run into her at Straub, we’d chat, small talk and enjoy seeing each other. there was always a connection. I ran into her sometime ago at Queens. She was now a patient there . I got to chat again with her, meet her husband, spend some time sharing. I did not realize this would be our last time to chat. Joanne was deteriating quickly. She shared with me that, “I’m not afraid of dieing, but I’m afraid of suffering.” I’m not sure how long Jo was there, but I do know she did not return home, but rather home with the Lord. I’m thankful for having crossed paths with Jo during our time here on earth. I can now share my memories of her.

  2. baron says:

    Craig Narusaki worked for Hughes Ground Systems in California as an electrical engineer after graduating from college. Those laser rangefinders used in the battlefield, he worked on that amongst other things. Later he married, had a pair of stepkids and lived in Redondo Beach, California. Craig passed away from a heart attack while on vacation in Mexico during a golf match with friends. Nothing could be done as a doctor was also a member of the golfing party. He passed a few years before our 25th year reunion.

  3. Robin says:

    I never graduated with the Kaimuki Class of ’77 but I know many of you. I attended Aliiolani Elementary from K-6 then Jarrett for 7th grade. After my mom put me in St. Patrick School in 8th grade.. I lost contact with everyone. I remember Grant Nagano ..he was in my 3rd grade class at Aliiolani, I remember Abe Balogbog from Jarrett and Roy Justiliano also from Aliiolani I also remember his brother Frank. Michael Kinzie I remember from Crane Park Summer Fun. Very sorry to hear of their passing.

  4. Larry Arizmendi says:

    Looking for Laurie Manning class of ’77. long time friend from Washington Intermediate School. Mahalo nui loa, malama pono !

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